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Welcome to LucidInternets!

My little corner of the Internet, serving as my personal welcome page since 2009.

LucidInternets is small organization serving to solve any and all technology consulting needs. From video editing, filmography, web-dev, to computer repair, LucidInternets can assist you or your company with any media or needs. Heavily experienced in graphic and web-design, with our unique style and vision we can help design and promote a consistent eye catching Internet brand and image.

Once you're ready and the clunker dies out on you, we can assist in the process of building a custom tower! Additionally, any configuration requirements for specific use cases (C, kernel, AOSP compiling, video rendering, etc) can be designed to fit.

If there is anything, at all, technology related that we haven't specifically discussed (such as Arduinos, updating old sites to html5, etc) that you're interested in obtaining assistance in do not hesitate to contact us. We are skilled in many varying fields!

I call it peeps even tho this is a one man ship.

Dan Pock

Founder, and currently the sole proprietor, of LucidInternets Dan is skilled & experienced in a wide variety of varying fields.

Hero Time, make this page interesting, I guess.

Oscar "Boots"

Pic of Boots

First of his name, Oscar is skilled & experienced with Fly hunting, contently ignoring you, and doing tricks for a treat.

Dashie "Nouget"

Pic of Dashie

The Squeakiest kitty this side of the Grand River; Dashie is content spending her days flopping about, distracting Boots from Fly hunting and squeaking like a kitten since she never learned to mewo.

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